Robotics is a huge topic if we are talking about SCI-FI becoming a reality, robots continue to fascinate people. The fascination has led to the increasingly numerous applications of robotics in entertainment.

Robotics and Entertainment

Six Flags-

SUPERMAN The Ride Virtual Reality Coaster

Six Flags created a new attraction that could join to different experiences with new technologies and in a safe way.

Spyce created an automated process that cooked tasty and nutritious meals, served them, and cleaned up after.

Spyce- Restaurant


Be your new cameraman introducing you to the new auto-track capture.

CRUZR will be a friendly solution for helping companies to manage big data and help to make globalization happen


Anki- Vector

Anki could be a friend in house that helps in your house in easy tasks like timing your pizza or for telling you how the weather will be in the morning. With a sweet structure that could also entertain.

Sphero developed a robot that could be easy access by anyone who is into games and interactive gadgets.

Sphero- Bolt

Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi

Fisher Price introduced a new toy for kids that enables them to interact with technology while they are playing.

Insights Education innovated in gadgets for helping anyone to introduce to technologies in baby steps so we could delete the stereotype that coding is really hard..

Insights Education- Artie 3000

OryLaboratory- Orihime

OryLaboratory created a new robot that allows communication in difficult circumstances.

Dawn Ver Cafe brings a robot that allows communication in difficult circumstances, that could allow people with disabilities to work or communicate.

Dawn Ver Cafe-

Orihime -D

Nike- Nike Customized Shoes

The customer is given the freedom to co-create their design for value uniqueness using internet of things combined with new apps.