Research and Business Tools

Nowadays the robotics fields as a research branch is growing and thanks to the scientist and researchers we are able to have huge advances in techonolgy that could be used as tools for Business and Research

Robotics , Research and Business tools

IBM- Watson

Watson Assistant will provide their users a friendly interface for getting themselves introduce to AI and the power of computer science with more natural conversations.

Neurala Brains emulate the way biological brains see the world and continuously learn from it. Making AI as real as possible

Neurala - Brain Builder

Hanson Robotics- Sophia

Hanson Robotics brings the ability to create a Robot that could be using hybrid human-AI intelligence

Double 2 gives the freedom to be around your workspace without needing an schedule reunion or moving a computer manually to different rooms

Double 2

Biomimethic Robotics Lab - Mini Cheetah

Biomimethic Robotics Lab created a robot cheap to maintain, safe and not fragile so students and researchers could make new discoveries.

We need to create a robot capable of more skills that the competence so we would we ahead of the game by providing new skills and characteristic never seen before

University of Tokyo- Kengoro

Boston Dynamics- SpotMini

The engineers at Boston Dynamics created a new tool for making robots movements smoother and with reactions more comparable with animals or even humans.