Robots in transportation have very complicated technology . Robots are equipped with external sensors giving the robot additional informations about its surrounding.

Transportation and Robotics

Amazon Air delivery drone

Amazon helps to enrich lives with fulfilling desires within minutes and giving the power to customers in faster ways.

Innovate and Reimagine Now, See the big picture and automate all your processes.

Amazon Robotics- Kiva Robots

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The quest to explore the deepest points on our planet, instead of doing that on Mars – an expedition that was 6.83 miles below the ocean surface.

Instead of buying more land to park cars, we can just stack one car on top of another with the help of integrated system.

MTRMCH Drive Motion

Amazon- Scout

Scout will be the new way to deliver products to Amazon customers making delivery as automated as it could be.

Google is looking for making transportation safer and effortless.

Google- self driving car

DJI - Drones cinematography and transportation

Bringing aeronautical engineering and wireless technology together for making a product which can be used by an incompetent person to experts in various fields

A new architecture that works on extreme conditions, solar power & with great precision

Boeing- Liquid Robotics

Google - Waymo

By using automatized transportation , we have created a new way for people to feel comfortable and safe with technology that could predict movements and avoid obstacles.

Tesla brings a new car that looks for safety , user experience, self driving and a new solution for the environment

Tesla - Model 3