The use of robots and automated tools in healthcare is a trend that seems to be growing exponentially in recent years.

Healthcare and Robots

Carmat Artificial Heart

Carmat improve the quality of people suffering from heart failure by providing a powerful and supportive device reproducing the real human heart

Da Vinci Sugery converted the hands of a surgeon into a precise noninvasive robotic instrument to enhance the human capabilities.

Da Vinci Surgery- Demystified Robotic Surgery

Live Braille – Assistance for visually challenged

Live Braille Helps to eliminate the use of cane sticks for visually challenged

Open Robotics brings robotic hands easier to purchase, easier to physically create and to make them stylish.

Open Bionics- Low cost 3D printed robotic hands

Sproutel - Jerry the bear

Sproutel created a toy that teaches children with type 1 diabetes how to manage their blood glucose levels, recognize their symptoms, and maintain a healthy diet. The best part? all of this is done through play!

ROBOTx’s helps you “right-size” your system for your current volume and scale up when it is needed.

Innovation- PharmASSIST ROBOTx


Gait Train with EksoGT, a machine created by clinicians for clinicians.

Testing a single compound are really expensive and clinical studies take years to complete meanwhile, animal lives are lost, because the process could fail. For these reasons, model human diseases in vitro could be make a drastic change and accelerate the process without harming animals and will also introduce the personalized medicine.

WYSS Institute- Organs-on-a-Chip

Materialise- 3D printed Dental Guides

Dental surgeries are highly complex. Let’s create a replica of a patient’s mouth in order to plan preoperatively and eliminate as many risks as possible improving accuracy of results.