Human Assistance

Robots are trying to make humans lives easier by doing our daily tasks faster

Robotics and Daily Tasks

Amazon - Echo

Amazon created a device that can control the appliances at home so people can just say out loud what they want to do and it will recognize the voice and make it for them

Folding clothes is tedious and can take a while. Let’s substitute conventional clothes folding with a laundry folding robot that will perfectly fold, de-wrinkle and/or perfume each garment faster than a regular person would. Therefore, making everyone’s lives easier.


Pet Robots

Bring pet robots into people`s family to save money and time with their technology.

K5 want to provide a a safer environment.

K5 Security


We need to create a machine that helps to clean cats boxes because these are one of the pets with more bacterias.

With Roomba robots you control which rooms are cleaned and when. It will also provide the ultimate cleaning experience.

Roomba- iRobot

Locus- Working in Harmony

All-robot and all-human solutions are the extremes that are not optimal for small-order / high-quantity warehousing operations. Creating a collaboration between people and robots is a more robust and cost-effective approach.

Proven by various studies and researches, main characteristics of our humanoid robots meet perfectly the instructional goals in education. Our robots are enabling new ways for pedagogy and classrooms.

Softrobotics- Nao & Pepper

AVA Robotics

Ava Robotics designs and builds intelligent robots that comfortably coexist with humans in workplaces and other large spaces